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handwoven wooly rug

handwoven wooly rug


- fruit salad rug

- perfect bedside rug! nice and warm to step barefoot :}
and it can also be a wall hanging if you prefer!

- handwoven rug made using leftover wool sourced from an Irish carpet company.

- size: w 100cm x h 192cm

  • care and cleaning instructions

    This rug is strong and has great finish but it is handmade and therefore it should be handled with care. For spot cleaning of spill and stains, blot dry with a paper towel. (BLOT, DO NOT RUB) Do not touch the stain or spill with your hands or fingers. The oils from your skin only helps to set the stain not remove it. After the spill has been blotted use ice cold water with a soft brush to clean if necessary. Blot dry with a towel, be careful not to rub, and extract as much water as possible. 90% of all stains will come clean without using anything other than cold clear water. Because of the cost of dry cleaning we suggest that you do your own spot cleaning and vacuuming and dry clean the rug only when absolutely necessary. With proper care your rug may never need to be dry cleaned.

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